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AquaBLAST Power Washing Residential Services

Cleaning a US Army base

Protect your investments
in Decks, Fences and Siding

Unprotected wood and neglect can lead to premature deterioration, mildew, graying, splitting and warping. Daily weather exposure to rainwater, melting ice & morning dew causes wood to soften and swell.

Sun exposure causes drying which makes the wood shrink. These cycles of wet and dry cause wood to prematurely age and can lead to expensive repairs.

As a Certified Wolman Contractor, Aqua Blast can restore your wood to its original bright, clean and natural look.

Restoration of wood involves cleaning or stripping the surface, and pre-treating with a wood cleaner. We gently pressure wash the entire surface and then apply a wood brightener.

We strongly recommend when the surface is dry to apply a water repellent sealer. Ask for details.   Protect and beautify the wood exterior of your home.

Call us to conduct a complete inspection, honest evaluation and a quote for a professional job.

Exterior Home Washing

Siding gently pressure washed

With health issues on the rise, having mold and mildew on your home can contribute to allergies

With environmental concern on the part of conscientious homeowners, Aqua Blast uses an effective extract solvent detergent.

It originates from citrus by-products such as orange and lime peels.   This makes this product environmentally safe.   It will not harm vegetation.

This product was specifically formulated for heavy build-up of mold, pollen, dirt and general pollutants.

Aqua Blast will pre-spray your siding with detergent, section at a time, then power wash. We are equipped with 24 poles and most power washing is done from the ground level.

Your home... your biggest investment!

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