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About AquaBLAST Power Washing
by Aqua Blast Pressure Cleaning LLC

Our truck with our High-Tech equipment

Aqua Blast Pressure Cleaning has been in business since 1997. We service both Commercial and Residential clients... from large corporations to homeowners.

We are certified contractors in wood surface restoration. We offer services in

  • sandblasting
  • mold removal
  • cleaning vinyl siding
  • cleaning concrete walls, sidewalks and pool surrounds
  • graffiti removal
  • enviromental waste water recovery.

All exterior surfaces are cleaned - safely and thoroughly.

We use Hi-Tech equipment considered the best in the industry.

We can transport 400 gallons water if needed to a job site. We can adjust our pressure settings and use hot or cold water. Our cleaning products are environmentally safe, too.

AquaBLAST Power Washing by Aqua Blast Pressure Cleaning LLC